Important Update

First Baptist Geneva & the Coronavirus

UPDATE (8/20/2021)

Attendance Guidelines Update


I praise God that we have not had a new case of Covid in the church in several weeks now. What I mean by that is no one who has tested positive with Covid has been in attendance prior to or after testing positive that would have exposed anyone in church. 

I want to say thank you to everyone for patiently and humbly adhering to the guidelines that we have put forth... especially when you may not have personally liked the decision. I can say I have not heard anyone complaining, gossiping, or backbiting about these decisions. Praise God, that is a great thing!

It is obvious that everyone is being very conscientious and careful. Thank you all!

Our Elders continuously evaluate the current situation, and prayerfully consider what steps we need to take. 

This week we have decided to take the following steps...

This is what we are asking EVERYONE to do.

These protocols apply to everyone... vaccinated or unvaccinated... have had Covid and recovered... have not had Covid... EVERYONE.

1) Masks are no longer required. 

We are now mask optional. Wear one if you like, don't wear one if that is your preference. 

2) We will continue to Social Distance. 

This means that everyone should make every effort to keep a 6 foot distance between you and anyone who is not from your household. 

Social Distancing will continue in the Sanctuary, and we will continue offering overflow seating in the Fellowship Hall. 

Please don't be up close in someone's face (with or without a mask), and lets hold off on handshaking for now. 

Please folks, lets make every reasonable effort to socially distance. 

Below are the other guidelines that we have been encouraging everyone to note and follow. 

We will continue to meet in person, and by following these guidelines, we can feel confident we are making the best effort to meet safely.


1) Do not attend church if you feel sick (at all) and aren't sure whether or not you have Covid. Please do not assume. Get tested. It's easy.


2) Do not attend church if you have a fever.


3) Do not attend church if you have recently been directly exposed to someone who has tested positive for Covid. 



4) If you test positive for Covid, please let us know asap. We want to pray for you. Also, this information helps us in our planning, decision making, and clearly understanding what is happening within our congregation and community.

5) Don't assume you have sinus issues or a head cold or just a little cough. If you have these symptoms, please do not attend until you have been tested. Many have testified (myself included) that the early symptoms of Covid felt just like sinus, allergies, or a head cold. BUT it wasn't.


Dear church family, know that the Elders are constantly monitoring the situation and will make decisions based on all the information we have available to us, and adjust as we feel necessary.

Covid is not a joke. It is real and it is bad. This is all done to ensure we can continue to gathering in person... as safely as possible.

Please feel free to contact any elder if you have any questions about these guidelines. 

I love you and I am praying for you. God bless you! 

Pastor Conrad