Freedom Ministry

"For you were called to freedom"

Join us Sunday evenings at 6:30pm in the Fellowship Hall for various studies about our nation's biblical heritage to prepare us to share the gospel and defend the First Amendment.


Helping our neighbors to live free in Christ through grace, love, and hope. The Freedom Ministry is a faith-based ministry focused on inspiring, organizing, training, and mobilizing individuals to improve our communities spiritually and physically with malice towards none and charity for all. Freedom Ministry is about Christian Americans restoring America- one heart, one mind, one body, saving our country one person, one family, one town at a time.

  1. Community Outreach- Connect with other FBG Ministries, churches, and organizations to help the local community by assisting local churches, schools, and charities with their community outreach events and programs.
  2. Education- Be a source of education to empower and equip our community to battle the spiritual crisis our country is in and as Christians follow God's will to further His kingdom on earth.
  3. Preparedness- Create and coordinate a local network of churches, businesses, and organizations to help others prepare to live in more difficult times. Also, to set up networks of people in the community to assist each other with basic needs.
  4. Principles- Promoting the Christian-based 28 principles of freedom set forth by the Founding Fathers.

Got Questions?

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