Search the Scriptures

Monthly Bible Study

A monthly Bible study

Search the Scriptures is a Bible Study that you independently complete throughout the month, focusing on just one small passage of scripture as outlined in the study guide.

This study is for YOU

This study is perfect for all levels of knowledge of the Bible. In fact, the guide is broken down into three different levels for you to choose from.

Level 1 - tremendous experience in learning God’s Word 

Level 2 - increasing growth in Bible understanding, along with development of solid study methods

Level 3 – will result in a comprehensive grasp on the text

Click on the below Study Guide for more information about each level.

An excerpt from the guide: Read the selected passage every day, making notes and highlighting things that stand out as you proceed day by day. Use the study guide questions as a way to make you slow down and examine (meditate on) the things you are reading. Record your answers to the study guide questions in a notebook or other place where you have plenty of room to answer the questions in as brief or lengthy manner as you choose. Set a goal for a Level realistic to your situation, but set goals that push you toward an ever increasing fellowship with the Lord through His Book.

Once a month group discussion

At the end of each month, you're invited to meet at the Fellowship Hall for a casual group discussion and fellowship.

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