The Going, Growing, Giving Church


The First Baptist Church of Geneva is a going, growing, and giving church that meets in Geneva – a rural community in Central Florida (click here for directions). We are a going church in the sense that we go here and abroad to share the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are growing in fellowship and training for the equipping of the body of believers. And we give ourselves in worship to God and ministry to others – for the glory of God.

On these pages we have attempted to provide relevant information about our church including our different ministries, upcoming events, statement of faith, staff and our sermon archives, in an easy to navigate format. Timely announcements, information and articles can be found on our “Blog” page.

We hope that you will find this web site helpful. But even more than that, we hope you’ll join us in person for worship at 10:15 A.M. on Sunday and for our other events and ministries such as Sunday Morning Bible Study (9:00 A.M.), Geneva Men for Christ (GMC), AWANA or RealYouth. Come and see the amazing things that God continues to do in this Christ-centered community of faith!