Chronologically Through the Bible in One Year - 2024

In 2024, we are chronologically reading through the Bible in one year!

Week #8

It's Week 8 out of 52. You are doing it! As we approach 15% we continue through Numbers and Leviticus. Aaron and Moses are the main characters this week. We will learn a lot about the Levites. Let's pray that the Lord speaks to us this week during our reading.

Week #7

As we enter Week 7, we will be reading in the Book of Leviticus. Many rules are laid out in this Chapter. Rules we don't follow today. Rules we can't follow today. We can't even follow 10 (Commandments). So why are they all here if we are not bound to them today? Maybe to show us that we can't earn our way to Heaven by being good or doing works. We need Jesus!

Week #6

10%! This past week we went by the 10% complete mark. We have heard the excitement in your voices as you tell us how the story comes to life. It all makes more sense this time right? Keep reading, and keep praying that God will show you His story in greater detail for the rest of the year!!

Week #5

OK, so here is where we stand. If you are caught up as we start our 5th week, you have read more than 8% of the Bible already, and you are only 3 days away from reading God's word every day for an entire month! That is a great way to spend a month....let's do it again in February. This will be easy, it's a short month.

Week #4

It's Week 4. Can you believe you have already read through more than 5% of the Bible in less than a month. If you stay consistent you can do this! Let's finish up Job and start in Exodus together!

Week #3

It's Week 3 already! This week we start reading the Book of Job. We hope this is going well for you and that you are feeling excited about adding God's word into your daily life. Keep up the great work!

Week #2

Well? How was that first week? Did it go by fast? Are you still on pace? Did you have it read the text to you on your way to work? Just a few questions as we start Week 2. How are you liking this plan? We hope it blesses you. It's only 1 week in, tell someone else about it. Share it and let's make God's Word our priority this year!

Week #1

As we start off 2024, we will start our reading on Monday, January 1st, not today. Use today to finish your reading for this past year, to pray for God to speak to you and teach you in 2024, and to find the app on your phone. Then, on Monday, you can start the plan, and your reading of God's Word with us through 2024. If you would , please add a comment to this message, so we know who is participating this year. Good luck and may God bless you in the new year!